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The ArchiMate Enterprise Architecture Modeling Language is used by this refererence architecture.

Selected symbols from the language that are used in this architecture are described in the element table below. Obects are represented as "architectural building blocks" (ABBs) and Solution Building Blocks (SBBs). The ABBs have a lighter color than the SBBs.

Architecture Building Blocks (ABBs) define what functionality will be implemented.

Solution Building Blocks (SBBs) define what products and components will implement the functionality. SBBs are product or vendor-aware.

Many of the diagrams in this architecture are organized as indicated in the figure below. An actor performing a particular business role creates the described capability through a business process. This business process will typically be supported by application services which are realized through application components. Both applications services and application components may access data objects.

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Figure 1. Vedlegg F; Bruk av Archimate

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